The Server and Missing Builds.

Alright, this just goes out to everyone who lost their builds from the revert to an older save. Yes, we understand, this is an inconvenience, but the chances of getting back the builds that were lost are slim to none.

I know, it’s upsetting, that you have lost 24 hours of progress. But being annoying, and bugging staff to return it, when essentially impossible, does nothing to get anything back.

Here are some quotes, so that no one should have many more questions:

You have the right to complain, but do it as peacefully and as minimal as possible. You know who you are, if this applies to you. Thank you for reading.

My question is, how did the server “break”

It just did. We honestly have no clue.

Well, we have suspicions, but no proof.

Old topic, so lockin’