The sadness...

Since my mom got alot of homo friends, she went for America to see them for a week, she spent a total of 10.8K pounds, and now we’re kinda broke. My dad’s going to India forever. My mom is taking me and my sister out of England, forever, and go to belguim. I had a very good time, I have alot of friends, I, was finally going to an actual GOOD school. Now it’s going to be a shitty nigger school, I’ll have to sit in the bus for 2 hours, and get on the bus at 7 am. and the problem is that I get car sick. I have alot of friends here, everything is alot better.

Now, my parents are getting a divorce, no one in Europe will EVER read the book I’ll be working on and my life is just FUCKED.

Here’s a conversation between my Dad and I

me : Aaron said “Mom spent 8,5k money and now Dad is going to India”
Suhail: i would like to go
me: Are you?
Suhail: i dont want to live in a dump where no one really cares
me: Which by that you mena
Sent at 11:47 PM on Thursday
me: How do you mean?
Sent at 11:49 PM on Thursday
Suhail: i mean nothin by it
forget it
Sent at 11:51 PM on Thursday
Suhail: sweety, be kind to your sister
me: Whatam I doin? :open_mouth:
Suhail: we can choose our friends but we cant choose our family
me: ?..
Suhail: in general, just be kind to her
Sent at 5:31 PM on Friday
Suhail: did your mother talked to you?
me: no.
Suhail: ok
Sent at 10:58 PM on Friday
me: If you go to India does that mean we go to belguim?
Suhail: i dont know sweety
i dont want to leaeve you
do you want me to leave?
me: nO
Sent at 11:00 PM on Friday
Suhail: sweety, you will be going to belgium
Suhail: mom wants to have her own life
she doesn’t want to be with me
me: I’m finally going to a good school, and now, I’m going to end up sitting in a bus for 20 hours like stijn
Suhail: i will be moving to india
i am sorry sweety
wish i could do something for you
Suhail: i am sad too
because i will really miss you
me: I don’t want to spend every day puking on the bus
Suhail: i know sweety
your mother is in love with those faggets
she doesn’t like normal people anymore
me: You just want to fuck up my life
Suhail: i dont want to fuck up your life
i dont sweety
i want you to be successful
but your mother doesn’t want to be with me anymore
me: Successful? no one who lives in belguim is successful
Suhail: you will be
you are not just a belgian
you are my daughter
you have my brains
my ambition
i will always be in touch with you
Suhail: i am truly sorry beccah
me: My life is just fucked up, forever
Suhail: tell that to your mother
me: I already told h
Suhail: when?
me: just now
Suhail: is she online?
me: She sent me a message about 30 mins ago
Suhail: she doesn’t want to talk to me
you will be fine sweety
be brave
me: I wont
Suhail: and listen to your mother
if i could i would take you with me
me: In india things arent very much better
Suhail: you don’t know india, you have only seen kerala
there are other places
delhi and bombay
me: 80% of people in india are hobos
Suhail: big cities with good schools
hehehe, yes that is true but there are also very rich people
but still you will be going to belgium
i will stay here for 6 or 7 months
and then leave
Sent at 12:12 AM on Saturday
Suhail: what happened?
oh crap, its late
you should go to sleep
me: I find everything better here in England I will never get a good job
and I’l’ never get my book to be a success

I’ll be moving to Belgium next week.
I’m crying my eyes out right now :frowning:
I can’t see a future for me now.

I’m sad.
VERY SAD :frowning:
I like to share my life on this forum, just to let you know.


That sucks…

Why are you guys going to Belgium?

My mom is belgian, we’re going to be living with my granma for a while, then get a house

Vai, I am so sorry I send all of my hope for you :frowning:

Don’t really know what to say



Damn, that is sad. Have you been to belgium before? Is it really so bad there?

Moving and divorce are the two highest causes of stress. I had to do both as well when I was young. Be strong.

I’ve been in belguim before, they talk dutch there, with an accent I can’t understand.

I feel like pulling out my hair.

And to be honest, CUT MY FUCKEN WRIST!

… Thanks for the support.

My face is vibrating from the crying right now… :’(

Wow I’m sorry about this, things won’t be as bad as you think trust me… My dad died when I was 11 and I wanted to just fucking end my life and kill myself but here I am now happy with my life and with my worries behind me realizing… Shit happens. You got to just be strong and live with it because you really have no choice. I understand you really think that things will be horrible and destroy your life in Belgium, but think about it. Maybe one day when you come to the age you can move outta that hellhole and where you want and just fly away from it all and say fuck it.

I know how you feel and I’m sorry.

Um. Vaio, I recomend going with your dad or another family member besides your mom. because from what here. She Is a few french fries short of a happy meal and ruins your life, and wastes all your money.

On the bright side, you’ll have great waffles!


I’m really sorry about what happened though. I’ve been through this type of shit, and I’m still here. Just be strong, as corny as the sounds.

I can’t choose, since I’m not over 13 :<

I am sad to hear this :frowning: We r all wishing u a good life wher ever life takes u

Damn dude…

If my mom spent 10k on vacation, my dad wouldn’t divorce her, he’d chop her up and bury her in my backyard…

I feel so sorry for you.

First off tell your parents your feelings on the issue at hand and about both of them. Even if they can’t understand that at least you will have gotten that off of your chest. Next thing you have to do is be as great as you can be in school when in India. If you do good, you can get the scholarships and funding to leave. It will be hard, but at least try. Please, please, PLEASE never give up on whatever goals come in mind. Don’t let anyone stop you. Ever. Aside from that…I dunno what to really say.

It is true that no matter where you go, you will make friends. As corny as it sounds, we care about you as well. Not everything in your life will change. The internet is everywhere.

It sounds like the language barrier will be quite difficult. Aren’t there others that speak your language there? How else will you go to school?

Please, please, please do not really cut your wrists! I have had two family members commit suicide. It causes so much pain for those that know you.


It’ll be alright vaio. I’v been to belgium before and its not too hard to understand them. You will get used to it.

(They speak french and dutch to all those who said they only speak dutch :smiley: )

Once again :frowning:

Fuck… Sorry vai. Say to your parents, you would rather stay with your dad, or do some corny speech, like DO IT FOR ME AND MY BROTHER/SISTERS SAKE IF NOT YOUR OWN!!! LET US STAY IN BRITAIN!!! cry

Probably better approach is, do not take my advice above. If you don’t want to move, tell them. Make an issue out of it. Probably isn’t good advice either… Sorry :frowning:

Jet I’m not going to India… I’m going to Belgium…

And Liam I already told them… They don’t give a fuck :frowning:

My dad just fell apart, he said he’s taking us to India now and said “I don’t want you to have a fucked up education in Belguim” I never realised he cared that much for me. The schools are a bit better in India but the language… their English accents are like the KFC employees.

My dad was going to buy me amnesia, but then we found out our money was GONE.
My mom took it all, and now we’re broke :’( we’ve got 20 pounds left…

And for the record I’m NOT leaving my ps3 behind if I move.

EDIT :He had a slight heart attack just a second ago :frowning:

About Amnesia… You may want to try searching for it on the Pirate bay? Torrents are nice.

Anyway, I can only assume your dad has some method of making money, right? What is up with the timing of these moves? I can say to hell with what your mom does, but don’t you already have a home? Why leave during financial trouble?

I would say OF COURSE YOUR DAD CARES! but then, I realized I would have said that about your mom before this week.

I wish you luck!