the return of gg

Unban gg tbh lads, he’s been through enough suffering

live and let live


On a scale of 1 to gggeeee, how delusional are you right now, Zesty?

how about we just unban him on the forums at the very least lads?

Nah. I love my man gggeeee, but he went way too far back then.

bit rude tbh zak

alright, i can come to a compromise. how about I get the position of senior op

pretty fair deal tbh lads. think about it carefully

Lol no

Nah man nah. Nice to see you alive and around though Zesty.

What the…

Shit this post brought back WAY too many old blokes :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, I think not


I literally posted a thread about how I miss some people that have left…

Damn even Hard came back from the dead to say no.

wtf i hate pcb now

In all seriousness lads, hope you’re all doing well

lmao when all of the inactive people come back just to say no

Yeah I have to say this thread brought back some nostalgia for me. Nice to see some familiar faces. Quick look at the staff archive is enough nostalgia for a couple of months for me

Just come back already