The Reserve Bank of PCB

PCB now has an official bank. Located at the new end of the market, the PCB Bank offers a place for players to deposit their money and earn interest. You can deposit a maximum of $10,000. Interest is calculated hourly and is at a rate of 1.00% a day. Your bank balance may exceed $10,000 but NO interest will be credited in this case. If the interest earned pushes your balance over $10,000, the interest will not be granted (so try to keep it at least $100 below $10,000).

Left click the signs to deposit and withdraw money and check your balance. See the rules in the bank for more details.

There is a player run bank next door which offers a higher savings rate. Use it at your own risk.

Happy savings!

Cool, I’ll make sure to check it out next time i’m on.

Nice! Now, how about that upgrade to the bank??? I really want that feature. I don’t really think it is a secret, but I don’t want to make people think something will happen. Far as I know, it would be too much trouble to implement.

Never could find the player bank… and if I did, it wasn’t open.

i shall posteth a screeshoteth of the PCB bank later on today, once i returneth from Church