The Republic Of Leon

I have built a new town called The Republic Of Leon!
Our President:LeonTheKing2274
Our Citizens: deepmie37,lukonator,dinamitmoo,Bolje_da_bezis and Think246

  1. No building without Leons permision!
    2.No griefing!
    3.This is a no PvP zone! If you kill someone BAN
    4.Help and respect other citizens
    5.Dont kill the iron golem he is our friend!

Hope you will visit!


Just saying, cities don’t have the right to ban people from the server. They can, however, ban them from their city. Is this what you meant?

I think we agreed that temp-banning was allowed for towns to enforce if staff agree.

I can agree with that, but as you said, they need staff approval. Also, it it full bans that I was referring to. Temp bans are just annoying.

however if it is annoying enough, they will be more hesitant about breaking rules.

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