The purple one.

Hello players of Project City build minecraft community server,

Some of you know me, Most of you may not

My username is furleone and i’ve been on this server for a few days now. Thanks to Octo for helping me with my problem with activation, now i can post on the forums.

I bought a house at arendelle, did petty jobs for Novium and started building an apartment at the Raymont warp and co hosting a quick build competition(check the topic in forums)

and About myself
My real name is Aldrin Ivar,
I am a 14 year old boy who lives at india,
I have two more exams coming up so i won’t be really active.
I am a good builder but i suck at mining cause i really lack the patience to find diamonds and i am always afraid of losing my stuff

Thanks for reading
Hope to see you on the server :smiley:

India, that’s a new one…


What Ruby said. ^^^^^

Welcome, though! We love having you here! :slight_smile: Hope you have a fun stay in the community!

welcome to PCB! I hope you enjoy the server as much as I do :smiley:

Welcome hope you have many years playing on here. Any problems let us know and we will be pleased to help all we can.

(purple is the best color just sayin’) Welcome to PCB! I hope you enjoy Arendelle! And everything else in PCB :slight_smile:

India? NICE! Its amazing having all nationalities and meeting people from other countries and nationalities! Right now I have school for a couple of weeks, but hopefully i get to meet you in-game soon! :slight_smile:

indeed it is :smiley:
you hear that? its the sound of expansion