The Parthenon

So for the past month i’ve been working on my modeling and texturing skills and made the Parthenon. If you guys don’t know what that is, its the temple of the greek goddess Athena. Took my quite the while to make this, but I think i may be done now… Can you guys tell me what you think? Gimmie some improvement tips for my future projects? Thanks :3

It looks great :smiley: Just need to make some background so it doesn’t look so grey :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice! I agree with ruby though. :b

That’s pretty cool ymb.

Textures are great, as is the modeling. However, lighting could use a bit of work. Your materials seem as if they have too much light coming from them, try switching over to actual light sources - one that will give you a much softer, dynamic feel to it. Lighting is where I have the most issues as well, I think it’s one of the hardest aspects of 3D modeling. But all in all, great job!

Yeah, I noticed that to when I renderd it and saved it. The bright lighting is coming from the sky map… I actually had to make the sky a bit opique to fix the lighting a little bit. Thats why its kinda grey. But thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Did you learn this by yourself or did you take classes?

Both, mostly classes though.

Oh shit son! This is amazing! Great job YMB!

Very good. I agree with goof though, I think the lighting is a bit harsh, if you can make it softer in any way it would look much better IMO.

Wow just wow O_O

Nice! Now to make this in Minecraft…