The Orlando Attacks.

For those of you who have not heard of for those who have, a lone gunman had entered a gay bar and opened fire on 103 innocent people. 50 of which died. These attacks are not acceptable, and those who committed the attacks Must Pay. not only the fact that this was an act of terror. but this is also an act of Hatred. those of which who are on the LGBT Spectrum should never have had to witness this attack, i wish we humans could stop being Assholes.


The shooter called 911 after the incident and claimed allegiance to ISIS. He was later killed by Orlando officers.

I think a similar attack was also planned up north or over on the west coast. It stucks that we have to deal with this kind of shit because a group of people get butthurt over what other people think. If no one behaved like a damn second grader, we wouldn’t have to deal with it.

But hey; what can you do? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

So, a single gunman shot 50 people dead.
And guns are still allowed in the US…

my heart is absolutely broken for all the families and everybody in that club that night. i think It’s so frustrating and sad to see how many people died during the attack .why can’t people just love each other and accept everybody for their sexuality? or what ever reason it is .it is just ridiculous .im not saying that people should have the same opinion but nobody has the right to take it upon yourself and be violent ,it’s just ruining the world .i wanna just send all my love to all the families in Orlando ,i wish you all the best and don’t forget to stay strong.


There is now strong evidence that the shooter had pledged allegiance to ISIS and agreed with their extremist views. Radical Islamic (internal) terrorism was (once again) the motive for the attack.

When I was reading this post the latest news on what was happening came on. So far they have only identified the bodies of 21 people. All of this is very upsetting and brakes my heart to hear. I don’t really understand why someone would be so violent to so many innocent people. My heart goes out to families and love ones of those who have passed.

I don’t see why these people give the slightest flying fuck about someone else’s sexuality. OH WELL IF THIS PERSON OVER HERE IS SINNING THEN IT’S DEFINITELY MY BUSINESS TO ATTEMPT MURDER BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE SOMEHOW

The real kicker is that the shooter was on the FBI watchlist, and two interviews were conducted. Yet somehow, he was still able to go out and buy a semi-automatic weapon within the past month.

And now our presumptive Republic nominee– the big man himself– Donald Drumpf, is getting angry at Hillary and Obama for not blaming the Islam faith for the incident. Seriously. WTF.

This is what makes me hate my own country sometimes.

I can understand why many Americans would hate gun control like we have in Europe, but someone on the FBI watchlist being able to buy a semi-automatic weapon is absolutely ridiculous.

Tottaly agree. In my own opinion it’s not really the guns that are the problum it’s the people who have the guns that are using them for the wrong reason. (Trying to say that in the nicest way possible.)

Rest in peace. #prayforOrlando

a makeshift memorial has been made in Portland at city hall, these acts of violence are inexcusable.

It has only been about 24 hours after this tragedy occurred in Orlando, and I am thankful to see how the whole world is helping out in persevering after this has occurred. Like I posted in Portland’s makeshift memorial, yesterday, I’m sorry to the families, and to anyone who witnessed the attack that unfolded in the club.

I don’t like talking about politics, because I think it only brings us divided. This tragedy has never been worse since the attacks, in New York. But, [size=12pt]we, as a whole, have always supported each other after something terrible infects the world.

I have my condolences in Orlando.

There are people everyday who may do something that may change the world. Think positively.

I will put the same message I put out on my Promotion Label.

[size=14pt]After reflecting on the two tragic events over the weekend, the EDM community has truly been hit with the shooting of vocalist Christiana Grimmie and the massacre that took place inside of the Pulse Nightclub really has to make us think. People shouldn’t live in fear that a night out will turn into possibly their last and people should live in fear of opposition of what they believe in. This sort of thing we are seeing happen more and more. The feeling of ‘PEACE, LOVE, UNITY & RESPECT’ have never been stronger. ‪#‎RIPChristinaGrimmie‬ ‪#‎RIP50‬ ‪#‎LoveWins‬

Why do you think so?

I used my friends highlighters to draw a rainbow on my hand today :slight_smile: #PrayForOrlando

I hope all the friends/families of the lost ones stay strong xx

Again, we see another senseless hateful attack. From whats been reported its the largest massacre in recent US history. It honestly makes me weak at the knees just thinking about what could have incited such violence in someone that they felt the need to take dozens of lives.

I stand in solidarity with the families who lost loved ones, and those who fear terror.

Sydney last night:

Oops. I was wrong. He was in a total of 3 interviews, purchased 2 weapons (assault rifle and a glock), and was under FBI surveillance for just around a year.

Get your shit together, America.

I understand that maybe if someone’s on the FBI surveillance list they should probably still be able to live a normal life, but there’s a large distance between “living a normal life” and “going out and buying an assault rifle”. How did he get a gun with that hanging over him?