The Old United Nations

I was thinking about this and was remembering the OLD UN. How i had a job in it when it was ka meta and brodur i beleive. Im just saying this becuase i think the UN should go back to its roots back when it was more organized.

If a United Nations is to exist, It should serve as a meeting for nations/towns to send representatives to discuss problems, not as an external police force that does not draw input from those it seeks to govern.

On another note, If the current UN really wanted to prevent conflict, It would confer with Namillo’s revolutionaries to get them to drop their meaningless aggression against the Empire. Negotiation would be a more intuitive resolution than attempting to regulate 100 block No-War-Zones around the numerous uninvolved cities.

Maybe there should be a UN office in EdgeHaven since we’re neutral.

The U.N. will not be built in any cities that could become associated with anything, we would/will build our own base of operations somewhere in the wilderness.