The Official Minecraft PCB Classic Survival Games Voting

      The Minecraft PCB Classic Survival Games MIGHT be a real thing if you guys vote for it by July 6th so you got a week to decide. Then i will make a topic about the rules. please vote YES To to survival games :)

here are some rules i can think of.

  1. Only a max of 16 players can play and *can have teams of TWO Or they can play solo.

2.The survival game map will be as big as New Big City with a mountain biome and some rivers and a desert.

  1. There WILL be killer bots in game. Fall in magma will also be counted as death. Once dead you CANT get out of spawn and play BUT you can fly around the map. If you do not follow these rules you will be banned from the survival games map after 3 warnings.

  2. Only Referees can use WoM NO players are allowed to use WoM during the game.

  3. Players can look at the map first for a maximum time of 1 minute. There will be safe houses in game so keep a eye out!


  5. no using /gun explode etc. That would be a ban from that game. Also DO NOT MAKE FOREST FIRES. they will cuase LOTS of lag and the server would have to restart.

  6. the ONLY commands you can use are /gun.

  7. You cant use sand or gravel when using /gun since they are laggy.

  8. Most importantly NO abusive laungage and bad attitudes if you loose.

  9. After there are only two people left a referee will summon all players to come to a underground arena and see the finalists fight. The winner will recieve 1000 cookies.

Ok the rules are over. Any Objections to the rules? new ideas? Dont like giving out cookies?

No objections. Great idea!

Umm… I’m sorry, but the use of ‘/gun explode’ would NOT be a permanent ban from the server… Please take that out…


well it doesnt have to zesty. But i would like to have one every other saturday? may be once a month? Also we need to make sure guests can play. is there any way of making guests using guns?
Maybe it could be just a fun event in PCB you know what i mean zesty? like freebuild friday

No killer bots. A few zombies instead, as you can actually kill zombies.

That explains a lot.

ok ok. i like the idea of no killerbots. maybe freindly bots??? maybe you could pretend they were talking by using /mb. for example Welcome to my house stranger! wanna stay for a while? i dunno. like the idea?

just a quike question about it, how will you die this is classic right im pretty sure the only way to die is by cold water or magma

… WOW. havnt you heard of /gun??? youve been on classic how long?? about a year??? YOU DONT KNOW WHAT /GUN IS XDXDXD lol

oh umm opps forgot bout that lol

And the point of that would be…?

i dunno. just some random thing to make players find a safe house and be able to hide for a while.

Maybe, but then whoever was running it would have to be flying around watching for if someone entered the house at all times.

Why??? Are you talking about WE have to talk for the bots? No way dude. We just use /mb havent u heard of that?

btw who voted no? and why?

Well I can tell u said no. I just wanted to know what u guys don’t like about it and I can change it so everyone would like it.

Ah, I forgot what /mb was. Thats a good idea actually.

Yeah. I learned that trick after watching some Gloria map walkthroghs. I think the bots give people a more better feeling.

xD andy I came up with the idea of the Survival games first!

Well, i like the idea…
However, a map as big as Newbigcity would take forever for all to die.

And we should also have several maps to do it on.

An rundown city map,
A desert map,
A forest map,
Mountain map,
and Plains map.

Those would add variety everytime we played.

so in otherwords the war map…