The Nintendo Wii U

Recently Nintendo has shown there newest console/controller thing called the wii u*. Who else saw this and is planning to buy it when it comes out.

Fuck nintendo.

I will definitely not buy it allthough my parents might, but I totally loled at the name when I saw it come up in my Google Reader.

Completely random bashing but okay, whatever floats your boat.

Sony stole the show with their strong opening of Uncharted, affordable Vita, and their amazing affordable 3DTV with splitscreen single screen (THE FUTURE). Don’t care about the size, 24 inches is perfect to me.

Yet people are creaming over Nintendo’s controller with a screen. Less durability for raging-moments. I can sense images of broken controllers with Battlefield 3 appearing all over the internet in a year. It’s basically a giant DS with the 2 screens split up on your TV and controller. Nintendo can’t seem to get over dual-screen. Fucking gimmick needs to end already and move on to what they TRULY need to work on, online capabilities.

I agree with Nek. I also need to look up this affordable TV…