The Nice,France Attacks

this is breaking news from Nice France after 30 have died and 100 have been injured, after a truck plowed though crowds of people celebrating day of the Bastille. this is still incoming and nobody has yet claimed responsibility, you may post updates in this post but


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Today on the morning I made a post for the Bastille day, and I thought nothing would happen. Now, a few hours later we are talking about a mad guy who killed AT LEAST 60 with a truck.
I was even planning to do a party on my city, but now…
It needs to end.

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Do they know what caused this person or people to do something so horrendous? (i don’t know much on this)

My thoughts are with the families, it was just confirmed that 84 people have died. Rip

Not again!!!

Will this sort of thing ever stop - I don’t think so - people are so stupid that do things like this because they think they do it for the a cause, i.e. religion, etc but really it is just for a madman that heads these factions and talks foolish, vulnerable people into thinking that they will be applauded by their contrymen but really no one in their cause will even remember them in a few weeks time.

We wish all those that have suffered or are still suffering injuries the very best.

My thoughts are with those who are injured and to the families who have lost loved ones.

I could give you three letters…

There is no way that humanity is inherently good, these attacks prove it, what a mess this world is…

#Prayfornice #Prayforfrance

We make a massive deal of these things when they happen in france, but they’re happening pretty much every day in the middle east.


The people causing the attacks have been taught and trained to think that killing hundreds of innocent people is right and will lead them to some amazing heaven after they die. Honestly, they are just people who are messed up so bad to the point where they think they have to kill innocent people and themselves to live a good afterlife.

It is best to keep the anger to a low degree, so no other person freaks out. No one likes it when a person commits a crime, but when the remorse begins, it makes the felling of the crime 10x worse than it already is. Also, people who cause these crimes may have done it out of anger against the citizens, supported a terrorist group, or the person is ill minded, and went on a rampage. It is terrible to see these crimes be committed in someone’s daily life, and if the driver was ill minded, there’s always therapy.

Crimes will always happen during someone’s lifetime, but the plan of committing one can be stopped if the person could think of what he/she is about to do.

Update: It is now said that there are 84 people dead, and 202 people that were injured. This crime must have been planned. Hopefully, not because of ISIS. If so, then I am terrified that if these series of attacks continue, future crimes may spread to other nations, in Europe.

Praying for all those wounded in the attacks and the families who have lost loved ones.

Why does this keep happening, and why France? :frowning:

The so called Islamic State have announced they are responsible for the Nice attacks…

In the words of Monty Python:

“Pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
'Cause there’s bugger all down here on Earth”

Sadly, I don’t think it is difficult for the members of ISIS to enter France, likely due to how you can travel across the European Union easier than any country, outside the EU. I think that the members of ISIS chose locations in France, and Belgium, because of how densely populated they are. But, what point do they want to put across? Is it their hate against the prosperous Western World, or they find killing people amusing? The victims didn’t deserve to be run over by a truck, because they didn’t follow the ideas of ISIS.