The next Xbox

In case you missed the 1 hour presentation of the next Xbox, here’s a video summarizing what it was about.

I’d post the video itself but it doesn’t want to embed for some stupid reason. Feel free to fix it for me.

Honestly I am not going to stand in line to get this. The upgrade from Xbox original to Xbox 360 was greater than 360 to ONE. Not sure about the new pay for rented games and making all games attached to your Xbox live ID. The new Kinect is just another advertisement - what use does it have except for games that the wii already does better.

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Made my day and i am probably gonna switch to PlayStation now

I hate sports…


I don’t know about you guys but I’d be fine with paying fee’s to play the new xbox one. Have you seen the specs on that bad boy? It’s like playing on a super computer, its ridiculous! Shits on ps4 anyday.

Its pretty much got the same specs as the ps3 maybe better graphics

Playstation ~ till death do us part

well I guess a TV that can play games ever so often is worth the high amount of money they want right? Right?

Consoles massively confuse me. I am basically paying for a dumbed down computer, one that cannot be upgraded in any way other than software. One that I am stuck with for 5 years. Then not only that, but the games that come out towards the end of the consoles cycle have terrible graphics compared to their PC counterparts (think Crysis, the computer-killer on high), since they are 5 years old. Sure for those 5 years you will have games that are consistent in price ($60). Then the next leap like this from 360-One, kills backwards compatibility, meaning that you essentially have to keep your current 360 if you want those games instead of selling it to pay off the price for the new One.

I can’t help to laugh. I’m sorry. I can build a computer for $400 with those specs. Honestly. Plus super computers generally aren’t made with GPUs (Graphics Cards), so while the CPU could do all that work it would be horribly inefficient. And yea the specs are very similar, both 8GB of RAM, though I believe on the PS4 it is shared and scaled as the GPU needs it.

Bit sorry for this rant, since I know a lot of you guys play on Consoles as well (and I will admit there are some pretty awesome console only titles). I own a PS3, and it is only used for Blu Rays at this point, so, meh.

Anyway Computers/Steambox FTW. Steambox is essentially a console, but running on some sort of Linux, and steam connected (so no compatibility issues. Still the hardware issues…)

Seems like a steam for your TV that you can’t ever upgrade and have to continue paying for after you buy the console.

I’ll stick to my PC thanks… It’s got better specs anyway.

Plus you can stick it into your tv if you ever get the need.

We don’t even know the full graphical capabilities of this new Xbox. They have yet to release the complete inner workings besides things like RAM and storage capacity.

Also, it has no games.

Xbox has no games.



Basically how I see a console now is: Money trap that comes out every 1-5 years that is almost (keyword) the same as last model. A.K.A Anything today except the computer though it’s starting to be a pain (Origin)

How I saw them before: A piece of machinery dedicated to great games and great times with almost no hassle about attachments unless you wanted them. A.K.A Genesis, Gamecube, 64, Xbox, gameboy.

That’s my two cents worth.

Now, with this being true, one must remember that there are a lot of games that you cannot get on PC that a ton of fans desperately crave (IE HALO, GEARS, ETC) and for the most part, not everyone can go out and build a pc. i personally would love to, but i dont have the time, and i honestly would not know where to start without some help (obviously the chassie but… you take my meaning)

Not impressed. Looks like a VCR, then all the tv tv sport tv tv tv tv sport sport that you’ve already mentioned.

They’ve basically done the opposite to Sony:
PS4 - Games console with some media stuff in it
Xbox One - Media centre with some games
Unfortunately for them, this alienates a lot of their original market…

This amused me:

One thing I have to disagree with the majority of you about is the idea that consoles are pointless. Personally I like the console gaming feel. Have none of you ever played console games on split screen with friends? Great fun. With a PC you can’t really have that casual gaming feel unless you do it all LAN, even then it’s not the same as sitting down on your sofa and playing. Then of course, not all of us have beastly PC setups, so can always fall back to a console.

Lack of backwards compatibility sucks balls, but I understand their motives. Being unable to share games amongst friends is just stupid though. PS4 wins, although I doubt I’ll buy one due to money.

I’ll buy a PS4 as soon as both Infamous and Watch Dogs are released. If they’re both launch titles, then day 1 purchase for me.

It seems that Microsoft is riding upon the hopes that this Xbox will pander to those outside of the gaming scene and be some sort of ‘revolutionary’ media device that all homes must have.

But they fucking forgot why the Xbox exists in the first place. Games. Plus now there’s tons of rumors and leaks that say its not backwards compatible, discs will require a fee to play on your friends Xbox, and you cannot carry anything from XBLA over.

PS4 on the other hand is focused on games with bits of media added to it such as streaming. Compare their presentations and it’s like night and day. Even the games microsoft showcased didn’t look anywhere near next gen. Hell, there was no gameplay footage. It was all pre-rendered videos with the exception of CoD which was in-engine footage. And it looked like shit. Now go back and take a look at Watch Dogs on the PS4. Goddamn that looked fucking beautiful, and it was GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE, not in-engine or pre-rendered video.

Microsoft is digging itself a hole so deep that they’re gonna hit the core and the gaming market will be ruled by the Playstation 4, Steam, and Nintendo 3DS (lol no not Wii U).

I’m sorry but I have top dosage about Wii. Yeah, it’s not doing so well right now, but there is one game that Nintendo has up its sleeve, that will really show off the systems true potential for other devs out there. Zelda. The things we know about next gen Zelda: taking about dungeons on a skyrim level. 3 parts to beat, and about 9 hours each. Not to mention the engine will be better than the e3 demo from 2011. That’s system has the power to do stuff. We just need devs like ea top stop laughing at it, get up off tier asses, think outside the box and make some game s

I agree with you on that shad. But the reason these big game companies don’t bother with it, is because the Wii and Wii U are marketed completely differently from other consoles. They’re a lot more family based. What’s the last really successful family friendly game that was released for PS3 or Xbox360? All I can think of is Little Big Planet.

Nintendo have dome something quite smart, finding a gap in the market in a console for a family, but it was just that success that brought it down in the end. Big game companies make their money in FPS games like CoD or RPG’s like GTA. They don’t want to develop anything unless it’s gonna make them money.

like i said though, those games COULD be successful, if people would stop sticking to the preconcieved notion that all FPS and RPGs are a gaming controller only type of game. Skyrim, as far as how to control the character, and everything could EASILY been done on a wii, Just as they did with two Zelda games (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword) now im not saying the graphics woulda been the best on the old Wii, but thats not to say it wouldn’t have been playable.

As far as the Gampad on the new console goes. as far as say, GTA would be possible to have an easier menu, map and gun inventory on that, the graphics would NOT be that bad on the new Wii-U, and if they bring mini-games back to the giant sandbox, Rockstar could easily integrate the gamepad into those.

I know cod could be done as a reload is done on the gamepad, and switching weapons on thier. not saying it wouldn’t be easy. but it would be playable.

thats just my 2cents on the Wii-U. The graphics capability is there. like i said, people would just need to get off thier asses, and work on it.