The New Resolutions!

Hey Everyone, Like they say, with a new year, brings new Resolutions!
feel free to comment on what your new years resolution is, ( if you have one )

Here We Go!

My Resolution: To Be A Healthier Human Being :stuck_out_tongue:

1366 x 768

dat 1080p tho

15.4-inch (2880 x 1800)
On a laptop >:D

Create a popular Minecraft Mod. (Laziness already has the better of me).

To become more active, eat heather, and not be lazy!

Last years resolution:

Never make another resolution…

Also, 1920x1080

2560 x 1600 :slight_smile:

Soon to be 2K once I buy my monitor.

this has officially become my favorite forum thread of all time

But what about @Asmodean_ “Best PCB Quotes”

I say it’s a tie ;D

1600 x 900 RIP Laptop

DUAL 1920x1080 bitches!!! That’s what you call a New Years resolution!

Poor whbilbo, your thread has been hijacked…

Anyway, my resolutions are to be a better Christian and a better son.

yup lol, no worries XD


Hey I’m on a fucking laptop gimme a break.

Also, best thread derailment ever.

Just don’t go around with dildo jokes like last time and it’ll be fine.

There were dildo jokes? Where is this thread?

I never bother with them. If you want to change something about your life or self, just get on with it. You don’t need to wait until the start of the year to set goals.

Shia LeBeouf it.

My new years resolution is to figure out why no one is responding to this thread about it’s topic.

Dude, this is general discussion. You really think people are going to take anything seriously here?