The Moonbeam Contest


[size=18pt]Moonbeam is a brand new minigame being developed by myself and a friend in Minecraft!

Moonbeam was inspired by the Tron series and science fiction work of the 80s. The general concept is simple. Your teams goal is the get to the moon. The goal of the other team is also to get to the moon. You must stop each other.
In order to achieve this task you must capture a center point in the map. This point grants benefits to the team holding it at that time. One of which is the gaining of Rocket Parts. Every 30 seconds you hold the point a piece of your rocket is added in the center of your base. Finishing the rocket (20~ total blocks) will result in a victory if you can defend it from the other teams until it takes off.

[size=18pt]Contest details

We need more map submissions to create the alpha version of our game. Your job as builders will be to build a map around the Moonbeam center point provided in the download links. This map can be anything you want it to be as long as it does not exceed 300x300 blocks in accessible space (Areas the player can access) Inaccessible areas only used as decor in the map can go further than 300x300 blocks. Remember to make the balancing of each teams area even and preferably use the same main base.


1st Prize - A $20 Steam or Amazon gift card
2nd Prize - A pair of Apple Earphones. Brand new of course. Up to three pairs will be given (If you build as a team)
3rd Prize - A Minecraft phone case (Please send your phone brand/model if you win this prize)

2nd and 3rd prizes can be substituted for each other. Third place can only get one pair of earphones.

[size=14pt]All submissions must be posted on this thread as a download link from Mediafire or Planet Minecraft.
The deadline is July 17th. NO EXCEPTIONS
Thank you and good luck!

[size=12pt]Dowloads links

maybe i’ll be busy over the next few weeks though. i can start on it

7zip won’t convert .tf2 files into .minecrafts
but yeah most likely I could/would take some tf2 ctf/koth maps and use the layout, or the basis of it

Is editing the blocks of the centre piece ok if we keep the same shape?

Yes altering the block composition would be perfectly alright.

The color of the beacon must remain white though as the color will be changing depending on the team that is holding it.

Could you add some guidelines regarding the team bases and anything else that may need to be included in the map? The whole rocket thing sounds pretty important but I have no idea how I’m supposed to incorporate it, and I want to make sure I’m building a map correctly if I’m gonna pour time into it.

an example or step by step guide explaining rules/objective/what it should look like would be pretty great too

[size=18pt]General guidelines:

The base must contain a 5x5 pad open to the air for the rocket to appear on. The base must have some form of color coding (red or blue) to symbolize which team holds it. This can be subtle or obvious. Bases should be the same distance from the Moonbeam and should be opposite each other.
The base needs space for two villager shops. One of which will sell building materials and swords and the other, perks your team will get when it holds the Moonbeam.

The guidelines for the kind of build is pretty open. It can be fully interior, fully exterior, floating, interior and exterior. It just needs to follow the distance and spacial guidelines.

If you can incorporate farms, chests, or some other way for players to get food. There is no need for ore or other natural resources as players won’t be able to use them for anything since the supplies will only be sold in the base shops.

Also, please remember the accessible parts of the map cannot exceed 300x300 in size.

If you have any other questions post them here.

Maybe a pretty obvious question, but can you edit the moonbeam?
Just to make sure.

You can edit the block composition and the stone slab walkways that lead up to it. The actual round center part must remain the same though it is only a placeholder for the final shaping that I am working on.

So basically the blocks and bridges can be edited however you want

[size=18pt]Update: The First Map

Here are some screenshots of the first map of my own that will be in Moonbeam. It’s the cliche castle map that every minigame like this has. But it’s still heavily wip.

My maps won’t be a part of the contest for obvious reasons. (In case people mention that I could give myself a prize. No.)



The Rocket Pad (Just an example, if you are creating a map do it however just keep it 5x5

Also! When you are creating map borders, you don’t necessarily need walls or a cliff or something. Feel free to make the world open. If this is the case the dev and I will simply make people lose health if they run too far away from the action.

[size=18pt]Moonbeam testing night

On June 9th, 5:00 pm central time, we would like to invite you to the first test game of Moonbeam, our custom minigame. This will be hosted on a test server.
Anyone who wants to playtest the game is welcome to do so on that night. I as well as the programmer will be hosting this event.
We will be running 3 games and ask that anyone who plays in one of these games complete a brief google survey to see how we can improve the user experience.

Thank you.
Please post your username on this thread if you would like to take part, you will be sent a message with the ip for the test server
This is solely a test server for our minigame and it will cease to exist once this playtest is over.

Sure I’ll participate