The Month That Was

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May has come and gone and it was a big month for PCB. Our community is bigger and more active than ever. In the past month we have welcomed 34 new members to our server bringing our total registered user base to 901. This is in addition to the thousands of guests who have joined our classic, creative and survival servers. Our website forums have generated a record number of page views for the month, 292000! That is a 218% increase on last month and 40% better than our previous biggest month. We have also seen a record number of posts (2861), which beats our previous record of 2481 in June last year.

In the coming weeks you will see a lot of changes to our community. The week starting the 11th of June will see us switch over to a new server, merging the survival and creative server. The website will also be redeveloped with a big emphasis on functionality and ease of use.

Lets hope that June and the months ahead will see PCB grow even further as we move towards a public listing. On a closing note, I would like to wish good luck to all those who have school/college/uni exams in the next few weeks. Study/play hard and thank you for being part of one of the most active Minecraft communities going round.


I can’t wait to see what happens when we go public. Those numbers are gona look like nothing when we get out and advertise. :smiley: I’m also glad that now i am done with school and in summer. No more finals no more homework to forget about and do last minute or copy off of someone. :stuck_out_tongue: Nope, now it’s just time to sit on the couch and watch tv all summer. Maybe play a bit of minecraft. :wink:

I hated english exams. 2 2 hour papers. And then a 2 hour additional maths paper… -shudder-
My exams are over now, so I will be on the server more often :smiley:

Good work everyone :slight_smile: Lets keep this up! :smiley:

Onward to June! Up up and away!

Lol, i just thought of this. Most people have been having exams or something this month, and we still broke records. XD

My May was boring and I did nothing. That is all.

Glad that PCB was able to shed out of its decaying skin period in order to bring us to this. im done with school, and internet should be comming back to my house soon. about the next month or two i will probably be back on to help out more with all the new changes! Good job to everyone who did thier part in this epic come back, and a big thank you to Special and Andy for all thier hard work and dedication to the server.

I think Kyle also deserves thanks for rescuing the classic server, and Fatso for helping him set it up. :smiley:
Well, everyone deserves some thanks really. Players for playing, Mods for moderating, Ops for operating, Sops for… senior operating… ok that one doesn’t work… and Admins for administrating. :smiley:

Ops gonna op

Sops gonna sop

Players gonna play

But Nek makes sure he always stays away.

Sigh, unlike you guys, my vacation ends in June 13. I’m not gonna be as active as now, I’d be logging in at unusual times (12pm, GMT+8), or perhaps not at all because of my schedule (Tuesday, 7am-5pm). So its sad to say that I’d be active when you guys aren’t. Well, the upside is that I can manage the server when most ops aren’t online.

And what a month it was. Personally this has been one of the most fun months, and at the same time one of the toughest. Today school got out for me, and I found out that I ended with a 4.2GPA. There have been a few other accomplishments for me thought the month.

Now I am super excited to see PCB growing, and not growing slowly. With the reintroduction of classic there has been much more traffic and that is fantastic. I think June will be an even better month for us, and I’m really glad to be a part of the staff to help create this new opportunity for all of us. We couldn’t without you guys, without you there is no server.

Well this is great! :smiley: But I’ll be getting less active because of exams, but I’ll still try to pop in and say hi :stuck_out_tongue: 1 month left of school for me!

i only have 8 school days left xD

Well i’m really glad to see how much PCB is growing. I am in summer break so I’ll be more active on the server! :smiley: It’s nice to see how the future is looking up for PCB. (To be honest, I don’t know much about those dark times.) I really hope we keep improving as much as we did this month. I want to thank:

Also all the admins for all their hard work for every type of PCB server. Especially _andy and Spec. You guys have worked so hard! It’s all finally coming together! :wink: Hopefully all the months ahead will be as succesful as this one. ;D

Need a new ending on that hip-hop rhyme.

This is certainly a nice surprise to see. Last I heard, people were bummed out and saying PCB is dying. Now, quite the opposite is happening. Congrats, ya’ll don’t need me after all.

Its great we finally have a release date, but for me personally it’s ‘Eh’. (The date I mean) It’s the week I have most exams so I’ll be a week late to the party unfortunately :frowning:

Still, we have grown so much within the past month, and it is down to everyone.
All the Mods and Ops on all 3 servers doing a great job.
All the Senior Ops for being extra epic at that job.
Kyle for reincarnating the classic server from the jaws of death.
Fatso for helping him set everything up.
_andy for doing a great job on all our websites (past, present and future).
_specialk for all the maintenance and upgrades we have had recently.
But most importantly, it is down to our players. Without you there is no server.There was a point when _andy gave up on classic and left it up to fatso to sort everything out. I was so scared this server would be lost, but then out of nowhere came our SMP server. We have come from slowly dissipating into nothingness to being THE best Minecraft community.

Great Post Spec!
This is amazing at how great of a month we have had!

I am sure that with such a great server that we have been able to have all this time, (with no advertising yet :wink: ) that when we do go public, we will quickly rise to the top as the best server out there. (if we are public then everybody will know that, not just us XD )

'Tis is true. The server is growing, and everyone has done a great job in helping that happen!

Keep on going everyone! :smiley:

Just remember people, we want the server to grow, but not to the point that we always have 50+ people in survival at once. At the moment, we can’t handle that. And I mean that both technologically and management wise.

Basically, we should grow at a controlled pace, “lest we be swept away by the flood”.
Plus rep to whoever recognizes that quote first.