The L.O.L.G Competition!

I have decided to host a competition (one that I will be a part of aswell)!
The Competition is simple really.
Build somthing/Design Something/Program something/ (in general make something epic.)
It cannot be in a video game, but it can be a video game.
They can be artwork that you made, but it has to be good!
I haven’t really had time to think of prizes but I will!
I recommend keeping your ideas secret until the date that the contest closes.( around jan 30th )

For those of you that are wondering, L.O.L.G stands for League of legit gentlemen
and if you place in the top, you will be able to join it :D.
IRL Buildinds
Mythbeasts Creeper
Electronic stuff
Outfits you made
App’s (sipjca)
IE… Anything on the line of bad ass and awesome… But it has to be made after this post :smiley:

Ready?.. BEGIN!

im in

does a java speed calculator count? ;D

Thats kinda simple, You only get one entry, so i would make it count.

makes slight change to converter; enters
solders headphone amp
recables headphones
builds a calc in minecraft that’s adds to 1023

Anyway I probably won’t enter, I would love to judge though. :stuck_out_tongue:

ima make one that goes to 1204 >:D loljk

good luck with that ggg

Well I plan on doing something else with my creeper, all i can say is it involves new years. :smiley:

I do have some drawings, I might need to refine the stuff. Maybe I’ll enter, maybe not.