the jericho

1 The Jericho is a group headed by me and goobydooo
2 we are always on the hunt for new members
3 we will not tolerate insubordination or knowing contradiction to the rules of the group the town or the server
4 we are often asked what kind of group we are frankly I don’t know what people mean by that there are five divisions each division serves its own purpose

(1 guards melee and support other divisions (mob fighting mining resource gathering)
2 red guards heavy melee you must first be a guard to join the red guards
3 alchemy potions
4 Rangers long-range elite troops you must be tested by gooby to join
5 engineers building Redstone and can be called into service as guards if needed)

if you would like to join please leave a forum post on this page if you have already joined please leave a forum post on this page

Sim here, I would like to Join the Jericho as an Engineer, Or a Ranger if possible.

-“El Presidente” Simpal123

Current members that I know of some may be banned some may not be playing idk me goobydooo AMS_crono
minikitkat1 godsjedi12315 elventiger mooshroompvp st0n3

Talk to stone about becoming an engineer talk to gooby about being a Ranger although you need to be tested by gooby to become a Ranger

ninja_spirit and benmchase

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i am lewahorton i want to join the redgaurds


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