The god pickaxe

So i have this 100% legit efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, silk touch pickaxe which recently became near broken. When i went to fix it, it occured to me that it is too expenisve to fix. Is there anyway a Sop can repair it for me and take the 30+ exp off me because i worked really hard to get eff 5 and it can’t even be repaired…

Cheers, Josh.

EDIT: I could make a new pickaxe, if i were given another eff 5 book, then i could enchant mending onto it.

As this is a game mechanic to prevent really OP tools, and not a server glitch, the answer will probably be a no.

Didnt we have a fee for admin repairs once upon a time? We could do something like that again. Like $50 x (total levels of enchantments summed up) or something. Thus an eff 5 unbr 3 silk 1 pick would have 9 enchantment levels total and could cost $450 for upper staff to use a repair command or otherwise on. The player would pay the $$$ to staff, who then delete the money. Tis an idea, i thought we used to do something similar but maybe it became too much of a hassle on staff or something.

The repair system is a good way to bolster the economy; you have to purchase the diamonds required (or scavenge them yourself) to repair your better equipment; if you can’t afford it quite yet, just plop it in a chest and save it for when you are more equipped to repair it.

If you’d like, I can make a command that would do this without the need for a staff member?

Minecraft physically won’t allow me to repair it, where it says the enchantment level need it just says “Too Expenisive”, also i would totally be up for paid repairs.

I like Meta’s idea, the only problem is that one-level enchantments like Silk Touch have the same cost as any other Level I enchant, but they are significantly rarer and more valuable.

Wouldn’t it be possible for every single enchantment to have an individual price instead of all enchants of the same level being the same price? This also fixes the problem of some level 5 enchants (bane of Arthropods etc) being much worse compared to other more valuable enchants (Efficiency etc)

I feel like that’s a lot of work though. However, if we were to agree on per-enchant values I could create a web app that you enter your enchants into and it works it all out, a bit like the PCB Ban checker from before our ban plugin worked with name changes that I made.

Is that necessarily a bad thing? You could keep the same tool forever; thus never having the need to purchase or find diamonds to create new tools – this isn’t creative, you should have to continue working for things.
It just sounds like a quick and easy way to kill the diamond market.

Offering repairs sounds like a way to make survival less survival-y so I don’t think we should add them in, IF we added this, pricing would need to be equal to or greater than the initial cost to produce such an item (needs to be determined)

I think that if the system is expensive enough, it will only get used for those normally unrepairable items. Alternatively, we could incur a material cost as well so that it doesn’t adversely affect the diamond market. Like, make repairing a dim pick also require turning in dims to the staff member for deletion.