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Ok, i know that i am not a proper Mod, OP, SOP, or ADMIN, however i am a trusted member of the community and i haven’t said TOo-TOO much about how to fix everything… i have agreed with some of you, and put in a few suggestions. I do feel that there is one thing that may have been a bit overlooked in lieu of fixing the actual problems of advertising and how to scrap some of PCB’s dead skin off… One of the things i would like to readdress though is about organization of the Forum itself. When i was logging on just now i realized that the ''Classic Server" is now gone, but what about that part of the Forum? maybe in order to clean up we should take that part out, and then focus on something else. This next part is something that i brought up in the “PCB is Dying” thread, but it was at the end of a page and i feel like it was overlooked. We as a community keep bringing up Events to do, and to organize. In order to do this though i feel that in order for us to properly keep up with events like “Faction War” “Maze Run” and “Zombie Survival” we need a separate part of the Creative Forum JUST for this, and to have a child board for the organization, Set Play Times, and for any complaints/ creative criticism from our members. This would also help with the new countdown clock for the front page, and also any new events that maybe new members would like to try out. Now if i missed anything please leave a comment, i would like to see what everyone else has to say.

I agree with what your saying but the thing is about the classic forum is… We don’t want to get rid of it because it holds great memories for some of us. PCB afterall, started from classic.

I know, its a shame i cant run it anymore… maybe if someone else… anyone? could help out there, then it wouldn’t need to die… i can send files, tell them how to set it up, teach them to run it, help them in anyway i can.

If not, its a loss, but a loss we can survive, like kyle said the classic ‘status’ on the front page could be changed to a event timer or such, and the section in the forums can be put in a archive place or such, it can still live on in our memories <3

Or if you get better internet again, you could run it again? :smiley:

my internet wasnt realy the main problem (just one of many) it was the uptime, i could only run it for about 5-8 hours a day if i was at work that day, less if i had more hours cut in for me =[

I’d love to play classic again, I couldnt host though :-\

And what is the general consensus about making a board for the events in order to keep it organised?

I dunno if I can host Classic.

2.93 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
OS X 10.7.3

Will it work on Mac? Been thinking about moving up to 8GB s anyway. Msg me if possible. This is the most powerful computer I have. Ka

Ka, we actually DO have a board for “Events & Competitions”. It is a child board of the “Announcement” board. I suspect that normal members cannot see it? If so, I know that I can change that.

I just checked the permissions on it, and it seems like everyone should be able to use it. I know Andy set up the countdown timer to be usable from there, but has since forgotten how to use it himself. Lol. We need to fix that.

As for hosting, I know my PC can do it, an I might even like to try, but I was not a fan of classic after I moved on. I would not have the will to police it like the host should.

Kyle - As long as me, Liam and ruby are still admins then we can police it easily (lots of experience at that), not to many problems crop up apart from the occasional need to restart that we wouldn’t be able to deal with.

Ka, if it runs on your OS then it will run fine, i was running it on a duo 2.7ghz 4gbs. I do believe it is able to run on windows and Linux, not sure about a mac, only a test will find out aye?

Edit - If you are REALLY intrested in actually running it, then ill start to pack up all the necessity’s including the database to send to you.

i just found the child board you were talking about Kyle

Like Kyle I do not have that much time and my time zone PST, makes it awkward times for other players. I would be able to have it up Mon-Fri: 3:30-8pm PST and Weekends 8am-9pm PST.

Same time zone, but I think I can have it up near 24/7. The only time I worry it might not run is when I start up Mass Effect 3 and the like. I do play other games on this beast you know. Though my specs may be able to do both without any problems.

Indeed, just set the affinity to lower the cores dedicated to the server, ill upload the file and pm you the link

i have to say im kinda excited if we actually get Classic up and running again… ive only played it like 5 times XD could we do that minigame where you have to protect yourself from the giant wall of lava =D