The Farlands

Due to the damage that it can cause to a server, I declare that anyone who goes to the farlands will be banned. This is to prevent the incredibly powerful lag it can cause.


I’ve said this before, and I will say this again. Anyone who travels to the Farlands as of today will receive a permanent ban. The Farlands cause SEVERE overloading on the server CPU until reboot and this inconveniences everyone including myself.

There is plenty of discussion about this all over the forums now. Ignorance will no longer be a valid excuse.

the first ive heard of this :o, may i ask what the farlands are? aswell as why they cause lag?

To all the TRUSTED members: do not teleport to random coordinates.

I was wondering that too. The pic of the terrain looks like something corrupted the map but is that what actually happened?

I think its when the map stops generating, and from there, kinda just bugs out, and creates those ground-air layers you see in the picture from the top of the map all the way down to bedrock. check the wiki article, its quite interesting

Can you perhaps point me toward that article? I can’t seem to find it.


Minecraft wiki > search > “Farlands” > enter


Locking since this announcement has served it’s purpose and no further discussion needs to be had.