The Farcoastian Army (FCA)

Updated 1/24/13 1304 US Eastern Time
In order to simplify things from the other Farcoastian Empire thread, I am consolidating FCA Matters to this thread, principally statistics that will be updated here.

Total Active Duty: 1
The current Farcoastian Army:
Commander of the FCA: Chaz_the_Spaz

Lieutenant Topgearwill

1st Squad:
Sergeant Epic_dude2012
Private Ckkuhl
Private 05ocram05 (Marco)
Private randombilly

2nd Squad:
Sergeant RexMcMonkey
Private Deffender3987 (Andy)
Private Markdudeman3
Private Pixnet

Private Simoes2000
Private 5827
Private SuperGamerDude10
Private SwordMaster_
Private Bolje_da_bezis
Private Cadens_Chaos
Private Artemasfowl

Inactive Personnel can transfer to reserve duty to receive base pay by contacting Metazealot

Pay Scale (Active/Reserve) [PER DAY]
Private 25 / 5
Corporal 30 / 7.50
Sergeant 50 / 10
Lieutenant 75 / 15
Captain 100 / 25

If you wish to join the FCA, contact myself or Chaz_the_spaz.

Eerm change private nick_inc to private Swordmaster_

Edit by John: DONE

Reverting all FCA members to Reserve Duty for the time being. Contact Robin_hoodlum/Chaz_the_Spaz or PM myself if you wish to go on active duty. Pay is still accumulated for Active time served up to this point, and is in record.
I’m a bit busy lately with some papers/projects n stuff.

Meta Farcoast is going to fall to pieces if you don’t start logging on

I think I’ve only been payed once