The Emerald Retail Park/Shopping Outlet!

Heyo guys! As some of you may know i am building a Retail Park/Shopping Outlet. It’s in it’s early stages at the moment but once done will hopefully be transfered into central Big City. For those of you who don’t what a Retail Park/Shopping outlet is, it is a bunch of units that can be either shops, cinemas, fitness centres, bowling alleys and so on and so forth (basicly anything classed under recreation). I currently plan on at least 11 units which people can claim. 8 of the so far planned 11 units will be 29x28, the other 3 will be 19x28. Anyone can apply for a Unit as i hope to get them copied (via W/E)into creative for members to furnish. This will hopefully be a huge project which i hope many of you will jump on board for! If you claim a unit you can furnish it to fit any reacreation purpose.
Here are some pictures of the project so far:

Current people who have claimed a Unit:

YoshioTanabe (Size of Unit not yet selected)
Timelordrock (Size of Unit not yet selected)

Want to claim a Unit? Post below the and make sure to metion which size!

(Sidenote: Can you still get W/E in bigcity as trusted if the staff trust you enough. I have heard some people got it as trusted who are now staff)

WooW That looks amazing ! What resource pack are you using , I like it :slight_smile:

Flow’s HD. Only think that annoys me is its fugly grass colour…

Update: The Retail Park/Shopping Outlet has been planned out for the placement of the Units. The blue are 20x28, orange are 29x28 and the green are not claimable but one will be a cinema, one a bowling alley, one a fitness centre and the last one a indoor mini golf. Octo is copying the units right now.
It is in big city at the coords:

Again please claim a plot by posting below as only two of the units have been claimed and i need some help!

Hey Joshua,

Could i claim one of the two bleu areas? 20x29

Great idea! Only thing what do you type in to get to the retail centre?


Ok I will claim one for you :slight_smile:

The command is /tppos after you warp to bigcity but I think it might be trusted+. Hopefully I will be able to copy some to creative for people to furnish who can’t build in bigcity.

Update: The Units have now been copied plus the Cinema has been built! Now they just need claiming so speak to me in game if you want one or post below. This is what it looks like so far:

This is the cinema:

This looks great!

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