The Dam

I have some concerns about one of the stuctures on the server.

First off I was sailing to andy’s city and I came across a huge wall blocking my way. I remember it being a hole at one point. But i would like to see this dam moved somewhere else or demolished. It,
1.Blocks the only way by water to andy’s city.
2.Serves no real purpose that i can see.
3.Does not fit in with the landscape at all.
4.Im Sorry but Looks horribly ugly.

Now please dont take this as an insult to the creators, just in my opinion it shouldnt be there :-\

I somewhat agree with you, but I believe there is a solution. My first suggestion is to shorten it about 3-4 blocks down. Next, it needs a large gate for traffic through the water. I think we can funnel the water through it using glass. There is a lot of space inside what can be used for other things.

Perhaps it can be made into a safe zone for travelers or even a market. It can also easily be converted into a haunted house of sorts. With the roof on it, the area should spawn mobs. I do want to see a large mob spawning area like that. A water path would be really cool. It might even be a water slide/roller coaster with water.

It has potential, which is why I wish to see what it becomes.

I really like the haunted house idea. I think the ends of the dam should be blocks instead of triangles. and that it should have maybe an asian feel. Also put a gate in the middle.