The city with no name

Okay, so i am sure some of you have seen the city i have been making :slight_smile: and others have helped with :slight_smile:

What i am asking, is if anyone would like to populate one of the sections with houses and other accomodation type buildings :slight_smile: as i am unable to create or find a nice looking house design …

the only requirements are that it follows a simular look to the other buildings, and they do not look out of place :slight_smile:

Co-ordinates for the section that needs the houses :slight_smile:
x -400
y 70
z 35

thank you to anyone who helps :slight_smile:

and also, i would like a warp to be placed :slight_smile: just temporarily until a name has been decided :slight_smile: at
x -385.5
y 67.2
z 49.5

thank you :slight_smile:


Taken care of. It’s tempcity for now.

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