The city of Tentari


[size=14pt] Tentari, a new creative town open to modern builders. Tentari is a low density town, which consists of hillside and waterfront properties. To find Tentari spawn located in the hills /warp Tentari but also checkout /warp Tentari-beachfront. as well as the marina which is one of the finest marinas on the creative map its situated on tentari’s beachfront it features 2 restaurants along with room for 30 yachts and cruises we do recommend to use Flowhd texture pack when visitng the town .

We are currently looking for more builders to further develop Tentari. Message either lach97 or Wolfy for land to build on.

Tentari Beachfront , (50% done ).

[size=18pt]Tentari Hillside , (25% done )

[size=18pt]Tentari Marina , (75% done )

[size=14pt]i will keep you guys updated with new projects and more photos in the future.

Wolfiea, this looks like an amazing town. im so excited to see it done :smiley:

I see the you’ve included the futuristic floating trees.

Looks fantastic so far awesome job!! =)

I like how the town is Wolfiea. Question, wasn’t there a different name for the same location you have there? If so, what was its name, because I forgot. Also, I saw you develop the town, on dyn map, before you posted this topic.

Looking nice af, as always

Its really been coming along lately, and could easily be considered one of the best creative cities. :slight_smile:

It was called New oakwood and morningwood at different poi ts when we first started, but we finally agreed on a name XD. No but seriously guys if you like building modern mansions, townhouses or beach houses, Come to Tentari! :slight_smile:

I think it would’ve had a very different outcome if you had named it Morning Wood… lol

But seriously, great job on the city so far! I really like the Beachfront part!

Wait is this the city/town that got me banned? For the “shit” and the farm…?! Well… I got an excuse for that…! Mount told me to build some shit, so I build some shit xD! And then he said live in it, so i made what i build in every of my houses, a farm (of a specific type hehehe). It was all meant as a joke, i did not know it came over as grief… Im so sorry… Please, let me get on again… Please <3

You might want to put this in your appeal as this isn’t the right place to be asking to be unbanned :smiley:

Have made an appeal already… Waiting…

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