The City of Gibraltar

[size=18pt]The City of Gibraltar


The City of Gibraltar is an autonomous metropolitan region in the South Eastern quadrant of the 1.8 creative map. It is a city renowned for its modern look and feel, as well as its presence in PCB as one of the most realistic cities. Gibraltar was established in July 2015 and is one of the original cities of the 1.8 creative map. Gibraltar is the home of G.R.I.D Co. (Engineers of the famous Sky-Train), and strives to be a server leader in terms of presentability and general community.


Gibraltar is led by the Prime Minister Incumbent VRA (me lol :D), who aims to make Gibraltar the greatest city in creative. To do that, Gibraltar is open to accepting build applications from any member+ of the PCB community. (Please see ‘Building in Gibraltar’ section below). Gibraltar aims for strong diplomatic relations with other cities in PCB and is constantly trying to establish new embassies for new diplomatic partners. If you wish to have an embassy in Gibraltar, please mail me directly. Currently Gibraltar has Embassies for the following cities:

[li]Port Royal[/li][/ul]

Gibraltar currently only accepts applications from creative cities (not survival cities) but would be open to a ‘Big City’ embassy.

[size=14pt]Building in Gibraltar

Building in Gibraltar requires an application, however, the process is fairly informal and applications are usually processed immediately. If I am unavailable, you can leave mail and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Building in Gibraltar is limited to allocated plots. Approved builders may NOT modify any roads, walkways, nature strips, fences e.t.c. around their allocated plot. If you want a modification made, you will need to get me to make it. In terms of restrictions on your build, please simply follow the rules (found at /warp Gibraltar) and make sure your build is modern! Other than that, have fun!

[size=14pt]More on Gibraltar

As time progresses, I will add more information to this post, but for now, welcome to the official Gibraltar Thread!

I can never get the name of this city correct. Awesome city nonetheless

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