The City of Budapest

Hello, i am Estevao (sorry for use this forum account, i had some issues on change the name), and i am one of the Consuls of the city of Budapest. I will post this for info about our city, the ‘‘national gallery’’

Budapest it’s a european/romantism themed city, which mix from the south Europe themes, like French, Italian, Spanish to the North European towns, like Sweeden, German and England.

One of the best attractions in Budapest it’s the Opera, which WORKS! We Host a play every month, which everyone can go for free. the Opera building it’s at Big City. The building itself it’s based in Opera Garnier (Palais Garnier)- Paris.

We have a working clock tower! It makes sounds every minute, and they can be heard in all the city Plateau (city center).


-The National Gallery: Budapest have the National Lucian gallery, an art gallery with consists on a junction of one of the most beautiful art collections around the World. visit it at Belport Ave. with Santos St. Number 1021.

-Louvre: the Louvre Museum it's like a Budapest Metmuseum. it has from dinosaurs to egyptian art, but the Louvre it's a WIP project, we didn't finished it yet. Visit it at Portland Ave. Number 1050

 -Italic and Etruscan Museum: A Museum telling the culture of the ancient Budapest citizens: The Abaccos. it's a nice museum to visit, you can go on it at Market St. Number 1060

  -Carriage Museum: A museum telling the story of how these veichles were important in the old cities. Visit it in the building near the Opera.


Budapest have most of the Lucitian Ministeries at the Republic Square. In the end of the square you'll see the Lucitian Parliament. if you want to do any diplomatic relations (embassy etc..) tell jmvvana, me, tuzao or Leobhz.

TRAIN STATION: The Budapest Train station it's under reformation, it will soon be done.

Thank you for reading this, hope you understood my english xD

                              -Este (EstevaoBuilder)