The Castle of Sir Octopus

Come and look at my nearly finished castle North of Valandia. From Valandia head out of the main gate and follow the road towards the farcoast TNT cannon. Turn right down the newly constructed road.

Look out for:
The two lava traps
The underground farm
The stables and armoury
The spiral staircase so historically accurate it turns the wrong way :slight_smile:

And I’m also holding a mini competition. There are two secret passages leading out of the castle. One is next to the castle and the other comes out in valandia. First person to post the coords of both the exits gets $100.

EDIT: Unfortunatley Mex, you can’t take part as you tped to me as I was placing the second exit. Sorry.

Sir Octopus. How very British. I say!

Nobody taking part? Or have I just hidden it too well?

The First Hint:


Hint 1: It’s accessed by a wooden door

I somehow missed this. I won’t go for the prize, but so far, I have found one of the paths. Now need to find the exit into Valandia.

Found it! Be warned Octo, normal players won’t be able to use that tunnel as two of the entrances are locked by you.

Overall, the place was smaller than I expected. It is more of a fort than anything. The stables were empty and seem hard to get horses in and out of. I did enjoy the security at the front though.

They’re delibratley locked, so you can’t just cheat by finding one end of the tunnel and following it. I have actually added a third tunnel to my TNT cannon, but that doesn’t count.
Hint 2:


It comes out in New Valandia

It’s more of a defensive position to protect the town from the snow forest rather than a castle.