The Castle of King Octopus is FINISHED!

Come and have a look at my castle of awesomeness (creative)
The Coords are:
[size=1em]787, 115, 832

I’ve attached a picture of the castle. Sorry about the bad quality, I have to shrink my screenshots a lot because my screen is huge…
Look out for:

[ul][li]The Dungeon with feeding mechanism[/li]
[li]The Secret Diamond Room with arrow pitfall trap[/li]
[li]The King’s Suite[/li]
[li]The state of the art EnderFood delivery system[/li]
[li]A subtle portal quote (hint: the gatehouse)[/li]
[li]A subtle movie quote[/li]
[li]The great hall[/li]
[li]The Archery Practise area[/li]
[li]A network of secret passages[/li][/ul]
Thanks to:

[ul][li]Josh for inspiration[/li]
[li]Ohai for some w/e[/li]
[li]buster for building most of the stuff[/li][/ul]

[ul][li]Get someone to spawn in some horses for the stables, pigs for the pigsty and villagers for the gallows and dungeon[/li][/ul]

Sweet :smiley: (added image for those too lazy to download it.)

Jolly good old chap

I… I inspired somebody? :smiley:

Just remembered this: I asked ohai to spawn in some horses but he couldn’t. Do any of the staff have the ability to spawn creative mobs. My stables kinda suck with no horses, as does the pigsty :’(