The Best I can do

I wanted to take the time to make a proper post to say how much I appreciate all the technical stuff that some of the staff do every time we have a new reset.

I have seen resets before and every single time there is some sort of technical issue like a glitch or a pluggin not work with all the updates. This is however my first time seeing it from a staff point of view. I see list about the problems and I see the discussions about how to fix them and my reaction is like… guys can you put that in human talk?

I can’t really help with the technical side of the server my jobs really just dishing out the Sass and being a bitch to make everyone behave but I sit there wishing there was some way to help, but there isn’t. I’d probably blow things up rather than fix them.

With all that in mind I decided the best thing I can do is just to let you guys know that you are fucking awesome and I appreciate ever thing you guys are doing right now. I know a few people are like hurry up and when can we get back on but here’s what I want to say.

Do it all at your own pace, make sure you guys aren’t staying up all night in front of a computer trying to fix things. We all love the server but it won’t mean anything if you guys aren’t all here as well. All in all thank you to all the staff doing their best and take care of yourselves.

That was really heart-warming :slight_smile:
I appreciate the work of the staff too, even those who can’t really help in times of crisis…
Guys (Girls too), if you are reading this, you did a damn good job getting the server up. Well done :wink:

Yeah thanks, the sever wouldn’t be the same without you :). If you think about it we wouldn’t even have a sever at this stage without the work of john and all the other staff who spend their time working on PCB. The amount of times it has gone down and you guys have managed to get it back up. Gl getting it up this time and thanks for doing what you do :slight_smile:

It never phases me that anyone, who is good with managing a server and its files, can actually get bugs and glitches all stitched up. I’m on the same train as you Em. I couldn’t do half the things that some of the staff are talking about when it comes to problems we run into. I mean I have a mac anyway, so things are bound to be complicated and out of my understanding anyway, but I will gladly be giving appreciation to the foundation of teamwork and cooperation we got going on in Staff. It’s honestly so cool to watch us work through the issues and put out the best of our efforts to keep this community and server going.

Staying up all night? Already done!

Anyways, I love you guys, and wouldn’t have done it if it were any other way.


A little sneak-peak into the staff board for you nonstaff as to how much we talk.

I regret not thanking all of you guys before. You handled it so well and I am appreciative of the staff we have here on PCB. Bugs are definitely inevitable when resetting a server, but I think this is the fastest I’ve ever seen one resolved. Great work, guys.

I may as well hop on the bandwagon - thanks to all the admins for making PCB a great place, and more specifically, for making the 1.8 transition pretty smooth. I for one have seen upgrades gone sour (heck, I’ve even soured one or two myself), so to see the amount of dedication that admins like andy and John show here is heartwarming, reassuring, and gratifying.

Yaaaaaay for you coding people! :smiley:

“1.8 (Staff ONLY)”

Pretty sure it’s already on the staff board, bud.

That was more of a polite reminder to stop people inadvertently telling everyone on the server before we had made any proper plans.

Sounds like you guys need another Nek to whip the young’uns into shape.