The App Heytell

Heytell is an Android and iPhone app that works like a walkie talkie. I think using this app would be easer than Skype, Facebook etc. To communicate with each other. With this app you get notifications to your phone when someone heytells you. Say in the event of a avo attack anyone could pick up there phone and hey tell an op, mod, or admin In seconds. Or if you just wanna talk to someone this app makes it easy. Try it out guys :smiley:

Assuming you have it running… tbh if someone emails or p’s we I will be quicker to respond. And if im in irc just yell sipjca and ill be there quickly. Ill try it out anyways. But ill be gone for a couple of days.

You don’t have to have it running :stuck_out_tongue:

… it has to be on not necessarily in the foreground. My point is I am much more likely to have irc running because I like to talk with you guys and I generally keep it running even when Afk, why because it uses almost no battery while it’s just receiving small bits of text, while this and skype are much more likely to poll the data connection much more intensity and drain battery. I am usually always in contact somehow, right now om posting from a hotel room… like I said ill try putt but still think there are easier ways.

No, it sends you push notifications just like SMS. I have it too

I have 2 problems with this.

  1. I don’t have an android or an iPhone.
  2. I don’t always have my phone on.

Well guys this app doesn’t have to be used primarily for griefer attacks like I said it would be a fun and easier way to talk to someone when you are building a project with them.

Ohai ouhai:P get a better phone:D

skype. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ This