The A-team faction.

Thanks for clicking the damn title,
a few hours ago I created a new fraction that you will obviously recognize ‘The A-team’
Our base Is more like hidden and only members of the faction will be able to get there by asking me, the co-ords or to tp you there.
Our base supplies a room for every member that will join and I will personally pay you 1 diamond a day.
We even have a catchy theme!
Please ask me (vaiovista) if you want to join.
This faction currently isn’t an official faction yet but soon will be.
-I agree to the war rules. Amen-
Current members :


Edit: Added to the member list, as soon as I see you online I will give you coords and 10 diamonds! Thanks for joining!

So your quitting the Forsyth Militia for the A Team? :frowning:

Hes quitting for the bribed 10 diamonds. >:(

Vai, Thezestylemon said u cant bribe people to join your faction its against the rules

Leos right the bribe thing is just to get people to join when the factions not really as good as it could be. They joined our Militia because they wanted to, not because were giving them diamonds!

Ahem, lemons post said nothing about bribing.

As A representative of the UN i can say the Me,Lemon, and Ka_25 are discussing it and it is most likely against the rules.

I’m more surprised by the deal being offered. How can you afford to pay a diamond a day to each member? Gah!

As for the bribing… If it is run like a job, then it is payment. This is one hefty payment though…

i originally said i didnt wanna get involved in factions but hey free diamonds! count me in!

Why? If you applied for 2 identical jobs and you got both but one payed 15 dollars an hour and one payed 16 which one would you pick? You have to undercut your competitor, just business. If the Militia don’t like it then maybe do some mining and offer MegaMan 11 diamonds.

I think there should be a limit to what you can give players for joining your facction or as payment.
Its ok if you give them some iron each day as payment but not diamonds
What r33bok is doing is paying people for work which is ok but what vai is doing is just giving them a diamond each day even if they dont do anything.

geez theres ALWAYS got to be a problem has there? -.-

Yes there does. :smiley: But anyway the payment she said was 1 diamond a day. Not including, the bribed 10 to join… 10 diamonds apeice PLUS a diamond a day?

I ALREADY remove the 10 diamond bribe and your still moaning and complaining, get over it.

Vai. Still seems like bribery. If you pay people 1 diamond per job, or whatever, fine, but one per day… hmm…

You know what? Fuck ya’ll.

Its payment, it’s vaios faction so its vaio’s choice. If she wants to and can afford to pay people 1 diamond per day, there is no problem with it.

Fuck you.

Also, vaio, tip for the future, if you don’t like what is being said, explain yourself more, rather than just being annoyed, and saying ‘fuck you’. It doesn’t help at all.