the 33 clan member people

hello again,

i was informed (mostly eavesdropped) about the clan 33 or what not.

All i know is that there is a “war” going on between us and them. thats about it.

is there anyway i can get more information about this subject?

if so that would be great!


P.S. The. Little. Voice. In. Your. Head. Pauses. after. each. period. doesnt. it?

Get out OF MY HEAD!

Also, I would like to know more detail’s of this if possible, perhaps in a private discussion however, i already know of the hard24get incident.

I don’t like that this is called a ‘war’, because that suggests that we’re retaliating or getting revenge in some manner. Just keep banning them and they’ll give up eventually. It’s always the case.

Yeah and it’s not like we’ve never done this before, and its also not as severe. In fact, I’d barely call them a threat.

To bad i don’t read like i am supposed to. :stuck_out_tongue: If i payed attention when reading i woulda had that happen though. XD

All I really know about them is that they hate Hard and generally harass our server. They all tend to use accounts with a “33” in the name.

From what Hard has told me, they likely have about 10-12 members.

Which would mean that ( to my knowledge) we have banned about a quarter of thier members … Last I checked we had banned 4 of them.

This is not a ‘war’. We never have done or will ever go to ‘war’ with any griefing team. We just let them do their shit till we catch them, then ban them, roll them back and hope they don;t get on an alt.

(By let them do their shit I don’t mean let them grief. I mean as soon as we see them griefing/their griefing, we ban them.)

i take it as we xban them? if they come on classic right?

Yes Sword, xban 33 people

Oh no! Now Sword is going to ban thirty-three of our players? Randomly?

lawl, doubt it. maybe ban 33 griefing jackasses.

yep :stuck_out_tongue: lol


i is jokings