The 2016 Summer Build Tournament!

Welcome to the First Official PCB Summer Build Tournament!

Well uh its not exactly official … yet … and its not exactly decided, this is just a post to see if you all want to do this :wink:

If enough people want to do this I’ll need some help with the final build stadium…

Heres a quick rundown of how this works

  • Once I get all the names of the people participating I’ll categorize them into brackets*

  • Each bracket will have 24 hours to complete or modify the build
    starting from 5pm UTC {Universal Coordinated Time} to 5pm UTC the next day

  • Each bracket will have a topic, getting progressively harder throughout the games (i.e Easy: House Hard: House within this size and using xyz blocks)

*The starting brackets will have 4 contestants, 2 will be eliminated each round

             Lemme know whatchu guys think! ;) -Vex

p.s I also might need funding for prizes lol

Im In

i wanna compete!

Too bad its not the gif, but its one of my fave meme’s of all time.

You punks are going down.

Totaly in!

I like what you have in mind (although I don’t think this is the first of its kind on PCB since I recall Claudia building a stadium in Clarita for the same type of event).

I’m totally eager to compete if staff are allowed :slight_smile:

If you need a stadium you can use the one in Clarita if it’s ok with Mannriah.

@Mannriah ? We’re gonna need a few prebuilt stadiums from across the map for the brackets and I’m going to need a Host city without a stadium for the final bracket :wink:

[size=10pt]Since I’m not a dank memer

[move]LET THE GAMES BEGIN![/move]

p.s Staff Are Allowed to compete, although I’m hoping for 2 OPS/SOPS on the judging panel

how much bigness do these stadiums require?

If I could build then I’d compete. I’d love to be an audience member though. :smiley:

I’m interested

Portland Has an arena for maybe Final Rounds :wink:

Olympics are planned to be set in July/August in Portland, maybe the final competition could be done in the stadium?

Dunno if I’d be able to but I was thinking of building the Final Stadium in Budapest or Rancho since Portlands hosting so much I want to give other cities a chance :wink:

I’m in.

Vexnorz, Freehold would be a nice city to hold the final bracket, since it’s near cspawn, and the city doesn’t have a stadium.

As of now, I think Budapest has been selected as the final city. I will talk with Este, Leo and Tuzao on the topic, though.

This isnt official yet, but chances are, finals will be held in Budapest.

Can confirm

@Brooding We still need 1 more stadium :wink:

Vex, I can make a field, south of Freehold/north of the Guest City, for the build-off tournament. It won’t look like a stadium, but it will have the same amount of room for the build contest. Instead, it will be an open field in the birch tree forest. I’ll add silver bleachers around the two squares (field).