That time of the year has come.

Hey guys,
Just thought I’d make a post saying that I’ll be offline for quite a while now (May and June) (I might still pop around sometimes) but I have my final GCSE exams coming up, and for people who don’t know what GSCE’s they’re the English equivalent of a High School Diploma, (At least that what The Student Room says) so yep, I’ll be super busyy :frowning:

See you guys later! :wink:

Good Luck :wink:

Yeah I’ve got GCSE’s coming up too! Which subjects u gt david?

I have my 10 hour art exam next week and 23 other exams. WOO Exam season has started… -_-

I have 19 exams coming up (I’ve already done my English ones) and they’re for:

3 Core Science exams
3 Additional Science
3 Further Science (Triple Science :()
2 French Exams
2 R.E exams
2 Maths
2 Geography
AS Creative Writing (I need 3000 words and I’ve hardly done any :’()
Art Exam next week D: Also is super long like @Penguina has.

I’m dreading Art ughh

God bless the USA for not having all of these tests. ;D

Heres mine:

2 English Literature
2 Maths
3 Additional Science
2 Geography
3 History
2 Business Studies
1 Music

I am also dreading art but I am quite proud of the art pieces I have produced so far!

Triple Science:
3 Biology
3 Chemistry
3 Physics

3 English
4 Maths
3 History
2 French
1 Textiles
1 Art

@AGx What happens in a music exam? And good luck!