Hi everyone!! I am so excited!! These 3 months of mod reviews finally paid off. I couldn’t be any happier. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get OP. However, here I am today with it! I really don’t even know what to say. X3

I want to thank all the staff. You have helped me so much along the way.

Thanks to Cherry. You always answered my questions when I was confused. Your so patient. XD

Thank you panda. On the first day we got mod we made a pact. We wanted to stick together and help each other become OP material. She stuck by my side. So thanks lovey. Best pcb tag team ever.

I would like to thank Javi and robin. Y’all have been my best friends on this server for as long as I can remember. Thank you guys for always being there. I love being friends with y’all.

Thanks Jedi! You are overall an amazing person and always a good shoulder to lean on!

I am so happy!! Thank you to everyone in the pcb community!

Its about time and am so happy you’ve finally made it, congrats :smiley:

Congrazzles mah home gurl! :smiley:

AWW KOALA YOU ARE SO SWEET! I am always here for you. I am so proud of you! you deserve it so much!

Congratulation! :slight_smile:

Congrazzles! =D

CONGRAZZLES!!! I knew u could do it and I told u so :wink:


Thanks yall

Grats on OP Koalaa!~


Also 800 posts!