Thanks for this AWESOME year guys!

Hey guys, I have been (nearly) a year here ;D
I would like to say thank you to ALL PCB members!
But I have some special thanks for helping me or just being a good friend:

[li]wolfcupcake [/li]
But remeber, if you are not on this list… Don’t be sad because read above

Again, Thank you!!


That is so touching. Thxs cram if I hade a list like this u would be in it


It’s nice to see people enjoying their time in the server. I still think we have one of the best communities out of all other servers. Here’s to another year! I’ve been here for three now I think.

and just to think, we started this off on the Wrong Foot earlier, eh Marco?

But, yes, cheers to another year everyone. as of October 2013 it will be two whole years for me.


Cheers! This will make almost 3 for me!


Gentlemen, I, too, would like to thank you for this awesome year I have had on this server.

me no make list. :frowning:

And lol sword nice profile picture. I have also been on PCB for (almost) a year. And what a great year it has been. Apparently this has PCB’ s best year! New people, New games, New friends, New ops, New griefers, and to top it off, soon a new year. (For those in the US.) Happy New Years to all, and to all a good night (or day).

Don’t forget we also got a new website design this year and quite a few updates. Special puts a lot of time and effort (and money!) into making sure the server is running well.

This year has been interesting for PCB. We have made many friends and lost some as well. We also had several promotions to high positions which have worked out very well. Heck, Sip, Liam, and Ruby have been doing more for PCB than I have lately! I mean, I run classic and all, but have not put nearly enough time into survival as I should. I do still handle “fires” fairly often. In fact, I might be the most available Admin! lol

I’m glad i made the list :slight_smile: This has been a great year. There are hopefully many more to come too :smiley:

You are in, read it again

Now I am at peace. :slight_smile:



Dafuq fer whats that?

Hey Ocram
Thanks for putting me on your list.
I am glad we have become friends over the last year,

Happy New Year

It’s a rerference from the “Wishmas” Fairly Odd Parents Special :stuck_out_tongue:

sniff **** you too buddy :’(