Thank You! (:

Hey, guys! (:

Today is my 19th birthday and in 9 days I’ll reach my 2 year mark on PCB (since I’ve registered on 18 January 2014).

I just want to say that PCB has been an amazing experience for me so far (don’t worry cause I don’t intend to leave yet :P) and I want to thank everyone who has contributed for it.

I remember when I first registered, back when I was a Member, I had this little farmhouse made of cobblestone and dirt in the 1.7 Survival map in Farcoast, near the skeleton trap. Now I’m an OP, I have made lots of good friends here and I now enjoy being part of this community more than ever. (:

I want to thank everyone who has somehow contributed to make my experience even more enjoyable, including:

[ul][li]The PCB staff, for trusting me;[/li]
[li]My self-proclaimed fanbase, The Young Ones, for loving me :3;[/li]
[li]Everyone who has interacted with me in-game, from a simple “wb” to helping me building stuff or accepting my contribution to their cities.[/li][/ul]

Right now I haven’t been active as much as I would like to because of my final semestre exams, but I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, stay frosty and stay awesome! :wink:


Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Ely!

Happy B-Day! ;D

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Ely! <3

Happy Birthday, Ely! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


happy birthday ely :wink: :wink: 8 ;D ;D

Happy Birthday, and happy 2-Year!

My one year is on January 14th.

Happy Birthday!