Hello PCB!

I want to thank all the Staff members for letting me become Trusted. I’ve been on this server for over a year, and I’m quite certain that this is one of the best Minecraft communities on the Internet, and I’m really glad to be part of this “family”. I want to thank all the Staff members again for everything they’ve done for PCB, I know it’s not an easy task to moderate the server, but you guys have been doing a really nice job so far, so keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


[size=12pt]Hey Ely, we’ve both recently become Trusted! and I think we joined around a similar time! (Over a year of playing) ;D I would also like to thank the staff members for letting me become Trusted! It’s really appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: I was planning on making a post, but I didn’t want the general discussion to be mostly posts about gaining trusted. Anyways, thanks a bunch!

Welcome to ze trusted gang Elydore!

Also why so bold and size 12 text David? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I said this before but there are so many new trusted and donators ATM!

[size=12pt]Then GONCRATULATIONS to all of you!

I usually always write in bold and size 12 :stuck_out_tongue: and I know? I’ve been playing for 1 and a half years now, it’s good to see more trusted ::slight_smile:

congratz david! and Elyodore all i can say is like David trusted means new homes so come on over to arcachon and be neighbours with david!

but congratz to you both

Congratz on trusted, You earned it.