Thank you!!

Thank you for trusted! I still can’t believe it. I remember the day I started when I didn’t know anyone apart from Emma. She helped me throughout the WHOLE time I have been on pcb and minecraft. So thanks, Emma! I couldn’t have done it without you! I’d also like to thank pen for being so kind and being there. ALWAYS, and making my minecraft experience one of the best. Mini has supported me ALL this time, is funny and I thank you for many things! Plimsoll, I’d also like to thank- he has been fun to talk and work with- khaos, for helping with my builds and also being an overall great friend, more for mining with me and just an amazing person and Ryan for being funny and helpful. Unfortunately, if I gave a shout out to every single person that supported me, this would probably take up about 5 pages. I would like to thanks ALL of the staff for being helpful, keeping everything under control and making sure everybody was given assistance when needed. And, I’d also like to give a MASSIVE thank you to whoever nominated me. This server has been amazing, and I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am. I hope to stay on this server for a long time and I won’t let you down. ;D

Congrats!! again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was only a matter of time :wink:


Mar congrats my best friend I remember from the time I first met you when we were young to today, I knew you could do it and you are just amazing You have been amazing on PCB and you certainly deserved it I wish you the best luck and hopefully you will get mod! :smiley: you’re just perfect ma lil Budapest bean


congrats mar!!! have fun with your perks!!!

Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new perks!

Congrats!! So proud!!! <3

Congrats Mar! You’re definetely one of the few people who I think actually deserves Trusted! :smiley:


Congratz! You were always going to get trusted the moment you joined. It was kinda a set thing.

haha your a great person im happy to see you trusted :3 Congrats bro !!

Congrats on trusted muffy! Knew you could do it :slight_smile:

Congratzulations! Good to have another trusted in our rank

Thanks guys ;D

(I know I’m late on saying this, but oh well.)

Congrats, enjoy the new perks! =P