Id like to thank my best friends Robin, Koala, Niko, and Panda For the support. Id also like to thank the community and the staff, especially the ones who voted! I love you all! I will not let you guys down! It is an honor to be apart of the staff and community! I will never forget this moment :,)

BTW ily all


Welcome to the Staff, GL during your moderation period. Hopefully you will be an OP soon enough.

da hell does ily mean?

YoUr WeLcOmE


I am so proud! I am glad that you finally got it. I know you will do an excellent job. If you have any questions make sure to let me know! Can’t be any happier! YASSSS

Thanks Guys :3 <3

Javi is not a part of the Kool Kids Klub :slight_smile:

gg and gl javi 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Yay! Javi! Congratulations on your promotion! You really deserve it! ;D

Congrats Javi! Sorry for not being there to congratulate you.