Thank You

So today we were talking about just how much work and money it takes to run all of the PCB services on TeamSpeak, and I just wanted to say thanks to the Admins who put so much effort into all of this for our enjoyment. Specialk and Andy, you never have much time to play yet you still keep PCB going for this amazing community. I know you don’t always get the credit you deserve. So many people play here all the time, and I’m sure they all feel the way I do.

Also, thank you to all of the staff, including people who do back-end work, everyone who has ever donated. Whether you’ve donated $2 or $20, every bit helps PCB stay alive another day.

I agree with what robin said and I would also like to say thanks to the server admins, you guys are amazing!
cough Kyle is the best one cough

Thanks everyone who help keep the server on 8)

I havent donated a penny yetti…