thank you so much!

hey guys, so today i noticed how much ive changed sense i got on to pcb. i used to be a lowlife i was always mad or angry about something, i used to cry all the time because i felt no one loved me… but now sense i’ve met all you guys i feel like you are my family. i’ve got my grades up knowing that if i get all my standards done i get to go home and get back on pcb. pcb is my only relief from all the torment of real life. i have thought less about the negative things and now i have so much more positive things to do with you guys! thank you so much for the good times you’ve brought me. :slight_smile: i feel so much more loved and i hope i can be with you guys forever, even though it’s just a game.
but seriously, you guys are family to me. :slight_smile:

excuse me if this was a bit strange, i just had to get it off my chest.\

thank you


good for you

Glad you changed 8)

That’s awesome :smiley:

I am so happy that our small community, with such a little influence on the world, had such a great impact on you! I am so happy for you. I am proud of the changes you have made. I am glad you are so grateful to the server. Thanks so much!
With lots of love,

I’m sure many have similar stories, nice to know something like this can make a difference to someone. :slight_smile:

AWEEEEE <3 you too xD You’re amazing! and im glad to have you as a family member