Thank You So Much For Trusted!

I have no idea what to say, but thank you! I feel really honored to become a trusted memeber of the community! I love the sever and feel really thankful to all the members and staff. This is a huge achievement for me. Thank you so much! :smiley:

firework congrats! firework


Congrats :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks spllat :slight_smile:

That’s awesome Josh!

Congratz!! (:

Thanks Anth and Elydore. The only question on my mind now is who nominated me?

Congrats Josh!

Congratzzzz on your rank :).
—From my heart with blood.—

I believe all nominations are kept private. Mainly so people don’t ask that certain OP+ to nominate them and/or bug them about it.

Anyways congrats