Thank you so much! :D

Thank you guys so much for promoting me to OP! It means a lot. :smiley:

And thanks to whoever congratulated me!


well deserved, and I’m glad to see one of my closest friends move up the ladder!

(PS, I need to sing for you later)

Congrats Claudia! :smiley:

U totally deserve it for your responsability to keep the server safe from malicious players :wink:

P.S: It’s time to change your signature xD

Congrats Claud!!
So happy for you! You really do diserve it! I have loved seeing you grow from a small little member into a OP. Congrats again! =D

Grats Claudia! :smiley: (Grats= A way of saying Congrats in my grade) well deserved :smiley:

We used to say grits, but soon after it turned into…

Well done Claudia

Woop woop! Congrats Claudia on Operator! Do well with it!

I’m going back to the shadows of the forums now. :smiley:

Thanks guys ;D ;D

Well deserved, make us proud :smiley:

Congrats! You deserve it.