Dear PCB staff,
Thank you for trusting me and giving me the (trainee)op position
I would like to say thank you
I will care good for this server :wink:
~05ocram05 Classic Operator


No problem Marco! Thank you for being loyal to the server!


Marco is ocram spelled backwards (his name)…

I figured it was his real name, i just felt like typing that. :stuck_out_tongue: Marco is a cool name though. :smiley:

How did i never notice that about his name? :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, i feel so horrible. xD

Btw if im full op every map will be griefless (i cant undo)



Mind… blown. ._.
Anyway, welcome aboard!

Thanks liam xD

CONGRATS MARCO!!! great job! now you can help me by fixing those greifs. if you want i could give you a tutorial. Be sure to join the hungergames!

andy thanks for your help but… I have already experience with the staff commands and the hungergames…
Im not sure i have a lot of homework at i wasnt online today and ofcourse i help fixing grief
Because this griefer+05ocram05=banned griefer

Now i’m full classic op xD

+trusted in main

Don’t double post!
By 05: oops sorry =p