Thank you, PCB. <3

I just wanted to make a little message and thank everyone on PCB. I am in a really hard spot in my life but everyday I get on PCB and talk to everyone and all my friends and it just brings me to another little world full of happiness and its really relieving. PCB and hanging out with Baillie are the only two times where im not thinking about all the shit in my life. I love all of you more than you’ll know. Thank you all for just being there. It doesnt matter whether you knew I wasnt doing my best, its just enough that you talk to me and are my friend.

Baillie, Mark, Will, Joe, Ryan, Lewis, Ruby, Ferf, Hywel, Callum, Marco, Vince, Claudia, Manning, Twan, Wolfiea, Fili, and so many more. A ll of you are such good friends of mine and im thankful for all of you.

P.S - this isnt like a goodbye message or anything. I just really needed everyone to know that they have a special place in my heart. <3

We’ll always be here for you, no matter what.

I mean, unless WWIII breaks out or something in that case we’re all fucked but otherwise we’ll always be here for you.

Im always here to take care of you and your fickle hips. Never forget that, even when it means I take a 2 week ban from MCmagic just to show my political views and goals to get that damn crew member off the crew. #DownWithCandyAriana #Trump2k16 #Daddy

Maddy, even though we met back in October we’ve made good relationships. there has been some drama and there has been some celebration, from the rap trap and Execution island, to now, its a gift to have you as part of our community, we are truly lucky to have you as our friend on PCB, -Will ^-^

Maddy you know I’m always here for you an you can text me whenever you want, dont care what time it is

Thank you, Asmo xD <3

After the ban we’ll go after Ariana #CandyArianaAttack
Thanks Mark, love you lots. <3 <3

Love you so much, Will. So happy to have all those memories with you. <3

Thank you Marco, I love you so much. <3 <3

Maddy; we love you. I’m just glad that you’re still around and happy and active as ever.

Dont forget #Harambe

for real, I love you so much, Maddy and Im so glad that I have you. If you ever need anyone or anything, im always here for you.

Maddy, whenever I see you online, you always brighten my day. You, and I, always know that PCB supports its members, and staff, with a positive message. :slight_smile:

Maddy, you always brighten up PCB every time you log on. I know we don’t really talk to often but when we do you always make me smile! =)

Awe Maddy, I know we don’t talk much and I know I haven’t made the best impression on you but you honestly make me feel so happy (even if you give me long, stern lectures. xD) I’ll always be here for you and so will everyone else. :slight_smile: xx

I’m here for you either, also I’m your friend in PCB, I will always defend you in bad and good moments. I remember the day you got trusted and mod rank, Maddy. And you can build and live with me in PCB. No matter who’s bullying you, instead Wairoa (:/). But the thing is you’re not alone we are here for you, the staff, the trusteds,members, everyone. And the best thing is PCB is a great family of builders and you are part of them.

We Love You, Maddy <3

Your Lovely and Friendly Trusted Andre :smiley:


[size=24pt] WE LOVE YOU!

I love you loads. I’ve never been happier. :slight_smile:

I love you cutie. <3

Thank you so much Brooding. You are so humerus and I enjoy talking to you!

Aww, im just glad ive got you to stick by my side against those evil boys. #GirlsUnite

Thanks! <3

Thank you, Andre. You are so kind and I love seeing you around on PCB. You are a really good friend of mine and im glad to have gotten to know you a bit.

aw ilyt

love you more <3

I’m sure things will get better soon (:

Just want to be a little more serious here, Maddy, you’re honestly such a great person and I’m glad you became my friend this year. You look out after us like a big sister, make us happy with your great sense of humour and I think all of us here would agree that you bring a ray of sunshine to the server and make us happy like no one else. We enjoy your presence and request more of it. thx <3