Text under the Minecraft logo

Ok while installing mods i found that you can do a range of things to make minecraft better

Here is a small guide to show you how to change the text under the logo to what ever you like.

I use xp so this may be very different for mac users, also i use winrar

Step 1: Start>run>%appdata%
Step 2: open .minecraft then open bin folder
Step 3: Once inside the bin folder right click on minecraft.jar an open with winrar
Step 4: once inside minecraft.jar open the folder title once inside this folder open splashes.txt
Step 5: Either add more or Ctrl+A and then delete to add your own
Step 6: Either Ctrl+S or file>save and a window will pop up . just click yes

Now load game and below the mc logo will/should be your custom added txt

Additional notes:

Ive tryed to use several other txt save formats but it seems only .txt works i might be wrong

Also make sure you back up your minecraft.jar in case anything go’s wrong

also dont bother changing your font format in notepad it has no affect to what it looks like in game I think if you locate the font in minecraft.jar you can change it

Also i dont know how Notch or Mojang feel about this so do this at your own choice


The longer the text the small it is in game/client i.e Harder to read unless full screen or high res

Have fun

Remember to back up your minecraft.jar . so dont complain if your mc messes up . i have warned you :slight_smile: