Attention members! You can now build in BigCity! Well, sort of…

Welcome to /warp TestCity where you can build anything you would find in a modern city. Anything from a skyscraper to a park!

Just pick a plot, and start building!

Us staff will frequent this area, looking for things we like. If your build meets the standard, we will copy it into BigCity proper!

Rules can be found at the warp location.

If you find your build is gone, that means 1 of 2 things…

  1. Your build was accepted, and has been moved to a location within BigCity! Congratulations!
  2. Unfortunately your build was not a high enough standard, and it has been removed, or moved to a corner of the map.

We will send you an in-game message with details, and we generally try to avoid removal!

So build away, and help our city grow!

Once again, it can be found at /warp TestCity

At the moment the member building part of it isn’t working. We’re working on fixing that.

Very nice idea Ruby, some of the newer members recently are really decent builders so I cant wait to see what they bring to the table!

Good idea, I’ll have a scout around the area every now and then :slight_smile:

We are currently figuring out why it’s not working, which is why I am currently a member, for teh purposes of testing.

I was suspecting some thing like this would happen ! It gives so many great builders new opportunities !! Yay for building ^-^

This will spices big city a lot! I know this has been discussed for a while, glad it has finally happended.

[size=70pt]POWER TO THE MEMBERS!!!

Just like guestcity, membercity, ect in classic! This is a great idea, why didn’t we think of this before?

We did, and we had it too. Or at least I think we did. I had made a guestbuild area in creative which was used, but was not maintained well. Filled up fast. I even came across a copy of classic’s guestbuild in creative. Same in almost every way. I think it was lost at some point?

It appears that build prevention in big city is actually done by build:false in the perms, we can’t get this to work until that gets changed

Quick question, should there be a sign near the front of the building saying if it is done or if its still being built?

Also, some members don’t know the standards for BC, wouldn’t it be helpful if the standard requirements were also posted here?

I think we should adopt a rule that if a building isn’t finished and hasn’t been touched for a week it should be removed unless a sign is left saying that they can’t finish it. As for standards, they’re at the warp.

I’ll take a look at the permissions soon. Need to make a pizza first. Brb

At 8AM in the morning? Shit man what do your breakfasts consist of? :stuck_out_tongue:

They work now, if I’m not mistaken - we changed up how building in bigcity works, no longer denying access to everyone except for owners, but allowing it for T+. We then allowed it for Guest+ i n testcity

Damn good stuff. Wish I had pizza for breakfast this morning. I had a packet of crisps and some biscuits.

Wow , thanks so much for adding this. its awesome :{) smiley!